Layna Shiree

Texas hooter girl


Super happy that arias gets what she deserves. I think she should live in prison for the rest of her life with travis pictures of what she did to him playing in her room and how she left him for his family and friends to find him.

It’s funny that she has already done time in prison but she’s asking for lethal? Like what the hell no. Rot in prison! Honestly I think she shouldn’t die lethal injection.. That’s the easy way out. That doesn’t compare to what she has done to travis!!
For months I’ve been obsessing over this case! I’ve cried seeing Travis’s family and see the pictures of him. I’ve gotten mad at arias because of her slandering his name and lying! I watched it everyday and now it’s over!
Travis’s family and him can finally have peace! Travis can rest in peace now!
I’m super happy I would never wish death on anybody but when it comes to this cases and what she did and lies. She deserves it.

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